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A quality educational program can best function in an environment that is conducive to learning, supports and encourages excellence in teaching and provides a safe and comfortable place for students and staff.

The intent of the Board of Education’s facilities program is to provide facilities that:

  1. Facilitate the achievement of the goals of the district’s instructional program
  2. Provide for the health and safety of students, staff and the community at large
  3. Provide for the efficient use of energy
  4. Meet legally mandated

The Superintendent of Schools shall annually provide to the Board a report outlining the needed preventive maintenance and facilities modifications which are deemed necessary to meet the above goals. This report will be provided to the Board in a timeframe which allows for consideration of the report as part of the budget development process.

Cross Ref: 8110, School Building Safety

Ref: 8 NYCRR  14.1 (School Buildings and Grounds General Requirements) 8 NYCRR  155 (Educational Facilities)

Adoption  date: 03/20/13, April 2014


The Board of Education is responsible for the regular operation and orderly development of the school district’s physical plant. In carrying out this responsibility, the Board is concerned with both short-term and long-range planning.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for the formulation and implementation of the following plans for school building facilities.

Comprehensive Long-Range Facilities Development Plan

This plan shall be kept current and re-evaluated at least annually. It shall include an appraisal  of the following:

  1. Educational philosophy of the district, with resulting administrative  organization and program
  2. Present and projected pupil
  3. Space use and state-rated  pupil  capacity of existing
  4. Priority of need of maintenance, repair or modernization of existing facilities, including consideration of the obsolescence  and retirement  of certain
  5. Provision of additional


This plan will  be updated  annually and shall include the following:

  1. A yearly breakdown of the estimated expenses for construction, additions, alterations, major repairs, system replacement and repairs and maintenance and energy
  2. A district-wide building inventory including the number and type of facilities; the age, capacity, use and size of each building; and each building’s safety ratings, energy sources, probable useful life, major system repairs needed and asbestos

Cross-Ref: 7000, Facilities Development Goals  Ref.: 8 NYCRR Part 155 (Educational Facilities)

Adoption  date: 03/20/13, April 2014


The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for evaluating district population and housing trends and making enrollment projections for the district. Enrollment projections will be prepared on a five-year basis and will be reviewed and brought up-to-date annually.

The projections will take into consideration:

  1. Data from the latest school census
  2. School registration figures
  3. Proposed or forthcoming changes in community planning and zoning
  4. Current and planned community land development and housing projects
  5. Curriculum changes that will impact utilization of space.

Whenever construction of new school facilities or the closing of any school buildings is being contemplated, the Board of Education may authorize outside studies made of population trends and school enrollment.

Ref:     Education Law §§408; 3240; 3241; 3242

Adoption date:  03/20/13,  April 2014


The Board of Education recognizes the district’s responsibility to provide a safe school environment for students and staff during construction and maintenance projects.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for ensuring that district procedures for safeguarding the safety and health of students and staff are consistent with state law and regulation, including the Uniform Code of Public School Building Inspections, Safety Rating and Monitoring and the Uniform  Safety Standards for School Construction and Maintenance Projects. Specifically, the Superintendent shall be responsible for the following items at the specified phase  of the construction project:


  1. Ensure proper planning for the safety of building occupants during construction or maintenance.
  2. Hire a New York  State licensed architect or engineer for projects costing more than $20,000.
  3. Ensure safety issues are addressed for bid specifications and contract documents.
  4. Provide notice to parents, staff and the community in advance of any construction project costing $50,000 or more to be conducted in an occupied school building. The notice is to  be given at least two months prior to the date on which construction is to begin, except in the case of emergency construction projects, in which case notice will be given as soon as practical. The notice will provide information on the district’s obligation to provide a safe school environment during construction projects. The notice may be given by publication in the district newsletter, direct mailings, parent notification system, district website or by holding a public hearing on the project.
  5. Revise the district’s emergency management plan, when appropriate, to accommodate the construction process including a revised emergency exit plan and emergency evacuation and relocation procedures during the construction process.


  1. Monitor construction and maintenance activities to check for safety violations and to ensure that certificate of occupancy requirements are continuously maintained.
  2. Ensure that all areas to be disturbed through renovation or demolition are tested for lead and asbestos.
  3. Investigate and respond to health and safety
  4. Conduct fire drills during construction to familiarize students and staff with revised emergency  procedures.
  5. Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements regarding noise abatement, exits, ventilation, air quality, fire and hazard prevention, chemical fumes, gases and other contaminants, asbestos abatement and lead paint and radon testing and migration.


  1. Conduct a walk-through inspection with members of the Health and Safety Committee to confirm the area is ready to be reopened for use.

Cross-Ref.: 7100 Facilities Planning
8100 Safety Building Safety

Ref.:  Education  Law §§ 409-d  (Comprehensive Public School Building Safety Program; 409-e (Uniform Code of Public School Buildings Inspection, Safety Rating and Monitoring)

8 NYCRR Part 155.4 (Uniform Code of Public School Building Inspections, Safety Rating and Monitoring)

8 NYCRR Part 155. 5 (Uniform Safety Standards for School Construction and Maintenance  Projects)

9 NYCRR Parts 600-1250 (Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code)

Adoption date:  10/16/13, April 2014, 05/03/2023

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