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Character Trait of the Month
The character trait for the month of November is: Caring and Gratitude.


How we communicate weather-related announcements

November 16, 2014—With winter weather predicted for tomorrow, the district would like to remind parents, staff and the community how we communicate weather-related announcements, whether it is a closing, delay or early dismissal. Cancellations, delays or early dismissals are posted on the school district’s website, right on the homepage. School closings are also announced on the following local TV and radio stations [...] read the full story>>

“Schoology” web-based learning management system launched at CMS and CHS

November 10, 2014—When middle and high school first quarter reports are mailed home on November 14, parents will find an important letter about the district’s new system for securely viewing their child’s grades, assignments and personal academic calendar online. Schoology connects parents, students, teachers and administrators, in an easy-to-use website or mobile app format. read the full story>>

New York’s students likely to have multiple pathways to graduation, including a career and technical education (CTE) option

November 7, 2014—At its October meeting, the Board of Regents voted to authorize the SED to finalize a plan that will allow New York’s students to choose from among multiple pathways to graduation, including a career and technical education (CTE) pathway. The plan is expected to receive final approval in January after a public comment period and will take effect for students graduating in June 2015. read the full story>>

New York School Board Recognition Week: October 27-31

October 29, 2014—Local control of education through elected school boards is an American tradition that stems back to the original 13 colonies. While school boards are small and local, they represent one of the most important commitments citizens can make to their community — overseeing the education of its youth. Cohoes City School District is joining public school districts across the state to celebrate [...] read the full story>>