Van Schaick Energy Club holds recycled linens drive to benefit The Animal Support Project (TASP)

The Energy Team, an environmentally conscious group of students at Van Schaick Grade School, recently completed a spring linens drive to make a difference in not only saving the environment, but also saving community animals.

The Animal Support Project (TASP) located in Renssalaer County, provides assistance to animal owners to reduce shelter populations, euthanasia and suffering. Their mission is to help companion animals stay in their homes and not be “thrown away.” To do this, TASP provides transportation, vaccinations, boarding, grooming, animal disaster response, counseling and rescue/rehab and foster support.

The Energy Club created colorful drop boxes placed in strategic locations throughout the school. For weeks, the students advertised the drive, requesting donations of used bed linens, towels and blankets for use by local animals supported by TASP.

TASP President Melinda Plasse met with the students in early March extend her gratitude, share good news about happy endings TASP has accomplished and to pick up the supplies: boxes and bags of sorted, laundered linens.

“The items are used for trapping cats, washing pets and lining animal crates,” explained Ms. Plasse. “We will be able to use the linens for our foster animals and for the owned pets we work with. It will make all the animals so much more comfortable!”

“These bright and caring young people are a great example of the kinds of things that even the youngest members of our community can achieve when they set their minds to it. TASP is proud to have them on our team. We know that with friends like these, our local pets have advocates who will spread our humane message for years to come,” she added.

Fourth graders Keishaliz, Logan, Morgan and Abbygale, and fifth graders Nyasia, Bella, Michaela and Taylor make up the members of the Van Schaick Energy Club.

“Congratulations on a job well done and thanks from the heart to ALL the members of the Van Schaick Energy Team who worked diligently on this project,” said Van Schaick Grade School Principal Jacqueline DeChiaro. “We’re very proud of our students and their commitment to helping others.”

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