Academic Eligibility


The Academic Eligibility Guidelines are meant to identify academic problems as early as possible and encourage students to meet with teachers and take advantage of extra help opportunities in order to be successful.

Grade Report Periods

Student’s grades will be reviewed every 5 weeks based on the schedule below. An ineligibility list will be generated and sent to all teachers, coaches and club advisers.

2018-19 School Year
Progress Reports Published – Report Cards Published
Interim 1- 10/12/2018 – 1st Quarter- 11/16/2018
Interim 2- 12/21/2018 – 2nd Quarter- 2/1/2019
Interim 3- 3/15/2019 – 3rd Quarter- 4/18/2019
Interim 4- 5/23/2019 – 4th Quarter- 6/28/2019

Quarters 1-3

Students who receive failing grades (not including incompletes) for two or more classes will be ineligible for two weeks from participating in all interscholastic athletic teams and co-curricular clubs and activities (includes class events, senior release, school functions- i.e. prom, snowball, fundraisers, drama productions).  Students would still be permitted to practice with their teams during the period of ineligibility.  Ineligibility will begin the Monday following the day ineligibility lists are published and continue through Sunday of the two week period.  Students will be removed from the ineligibility list if the student is passing all courses by the end of the two week ineligibility period.  Requires teacher’s signature for all classes.  Forms to be turned into the athletic office.

Quarter 4

Students who receive failing grades for two or more classes the 4th quarter marking period, but pass those courses for the year, will be ineligible for two weeks in August-when fall sports start; September-when co-curricular clubs and activities start.

Students who fail one or more courses for the school year will be ineligible for two weeks (August-when fall sports start; September-when co-curricular clubs and activities start).  Students can regain eligibility for the fall by retaking failed courses in an approved summer school program and receiving passing grades those courses. Requires teacher’s signature for all classes.  Forms to be turned into athletic office.

Incoming 9th grade students are exempt from fall ineligibility for the first five weeks.  Students have until the release of the first quarter report cards before they become ineligible.

Any student who is attending middle school and participating on a high school athletic team will fall under the Middle School Academic Eligibility Guideline, not those outlined in the High School Academic Eligibility Guideline.

The superintendent and/or principal will have the final authority to determine the eligibility for any student based on extenuating circumstances not covered under this guideline.


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