New courses, changes to schedule open doors for higher achievement in Cohoes classrooms

February 4, 2016—Course registration for the 2016-17 school year started this week at Cohoes High School, and students and their parents can expect to see a number of positive changes in the courses offered at each grade level. The changes, geared toward expanding access to a variety of courses, are a first step in immersing all students in rigorous academic coursework [...] read the full story>>

State now requires meningitis vaccination in grades 7, 12

January 29, 2016—Beginning Sept. 1, 2016, students entering seventh and 12th grades must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease in order to attend school in New York state. The state Department of Health notified school districts on Nov. 24 that a new law, approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in October, requires immunizations against meningococcal disease for children at ages 11 or 12 and again at 16 years of age or older [...] read the full story>>

Cohoes school board expected to adopt resolution calling for change in mandatory attendance age

January 20, 2016—Later tonight, the Cohoes City School District Board of Education is expected to adopt a resolution requesting the New York State Legislature consider a local option law that would lower the mandatory age of attendance in school from six to five years-old. The request comes after a recent attendance data analysis completed by district administration revealed  kindergarten chronic absenteeism rates [...] read the full story>>

REMINDER: Free breakfast and lunch for all students at Abram Lansing, Harmony Hill and Van Schaick

January 20, 2016—All students attending Cohoes elementary schools can eat breakfast and lunch for free through a Community Eligibility Program through the federal government. Students must choose from the items available on the daily menu to receive a complete nutritional meal for free. Also, snacks and other a la carte items are not included in the program. read the full story>>