Cohoes City School District



**A note to STAFF regarding Email**
Beginning at 12:00am on Saturday, August 20,
all e-mail access will be via Gmail following
the cutover, you will navigate to on a browser on your
PC, or via the Gmail App on your Chromebook
if one was provided for you.
If you have not signed into your Cohoes
Google account, you will use the default
password shown below:
Example U:
P: G00gleit! (default password,
will be forced to change it.
 The O's are zeros!!)

Employee Absence Form

Return to Work Form

Employee Accident/Injury/Illness Form

Excused Medical Absence Form

Teacher Absence/BOCES Substitute Coordination Login

Capital Region BOCES Substitute Coordination Services

Return to Work Form

Serious Family Illness Request Form: CPA CSEA CTA




Credit Hour In-service Application

Conference Registration Form

Conference Report Form (Fillable PDF form)




OMNI 403(b) Instructions

Omni Group 403(b) Enrollment Form

2016 OMNI Group 403(b) Availability Notice

Health Insurance Buyout Form

Health Insurance Enrollment Notice


Flex Spending (FSA)

Flex Claims Submission Guidelines

Flex Benefit Registration Form

Flex Direct Deposit Form

Flex Benefit Card Request Form

Allowable Flex Card Expenditures

Allowable Over-the-Counter Flex Card Expenditures

Flex Card Brochure

Flexible Spending Reimbursement Form

Flex Worksheet Brochure

Letter of Medical Necessity




Field Trip Transportation Request Form

Field Trip Student Permission Form

Facilities Use Form (Fillable PDF form)

W-9 Form (Fillable PDF form)

W-4 Form Federal withholding form (Fillable PDF form)

IT-2104 Form NYS withholding form (Fillable PDF form)

Purchasing - Verbal Quotation (PDF)

Purchasing - Written Quotation (PDF)

Direct Deposit Form (Fillable PDF form)

Mileage Reimbursement Form

Budget Transfer Template

Claim Form for Goods & Services

Change of Information Form


Extracurricular Activities

Extraclassroom Activities Fund Management

Extracurricular Activities Manual

Resale Certificate ST-120