Cohoes City School District


The Cohoes Prekindergarten program is a free, full-day program available to all Cohoes residents. The district offers programs for 3 and 4 year-olds in collaboration with the Cohoes Community Center. Through generous NY State Education Dept. grants, the district is able to offer 36 seats for 3 year-olds and 108 seats for 4 year-olds.

The grants also support the district's parent liaison, Ms. Brittney Hunt, who works with families and the school to build a bridge of communication and collaboration for successful educational experiences.

The prek curriculum is tailored to match New York State Dept. of Education Early Childhood education standards and aligned with the Cohoes kindergarten curriculum. It focuses on communication, literacy skills and social-emotional development.

The program hours are from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., and follows the school district calendar

Six classrooms (Five 4 year-olds, one 3 year-old) are at Abram Lansing Elementary School,
two classrooms (one 4 year-old, one 3 year-old) are at Van Schaick Grade School and
one classroom (4 year-old) is at Harmony Hill School.

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When is registration?

Kindergarten registration will be held February 26 to March 2 during the hours of 8:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Universal PreK registration will be held March 12 to April 13 during the hours of 8:30 to 3:30 p.m.


Eligibility requirements

If your child is a current Cohoes resident and will be 3 OR 4 years-old before December 1, s/he is eligible to register for UPK!

To enroll your child in the 4 year-old PreK program beginning in September 2018, s/he must be 4 before December 1, 2018.

To enroll your child in the 3 year-old PreK program beginning in September 2018, s/he must be 3 years-old before December 1, 2018.


Registering for the PreK program for 3 year-olds

 Priority is given to those students who qualify for free/reduced price lunch.

Please call 518-237-4131 Ext. 2299 or email to schedule an appointment. Please complete the registration packet before your appointment. A list of required documents can be found below.




The following documentation must be provided to complete PreK registration:

  • Parent/Legal Guardian photo identification

  • Proof of Residency
    As required by New York State Law, all new students must provide proper documentation to establish residency in the district.
        - If you are renting: Please bring a copy of the Residential Occupancy Permit. (You can get a copy from your landlord or Code Enforcement    
          at City Hall 518-233-2127.) A Residency Check will be done by a school official if there is no ROP.
        - If you own your home: Please bring a deed or other indication of Real Property Ownership along with one of the following:
                • Utility or other bills
                • A driver’s license or other government issued ID
                • A record of voter registration
        - If you live with a district resident: (ex. parent or grandparent) and do not pay rent, a signed and notarized affidavit, must be completed.

  • Birth Certificate or Record of Baptism showing birthdate
    An original birth certificate with a raised seal or a valid passport are acceptable.

  • Proof of Immunization and a physical within the last year
    Must be signed or stamped by a State licensed health care provider. Proof may be faxed to (518) 833-7009 directly from the physician’s office.

  • School Records
    Most current report card, standardized testing results, and contact information, including phone and fax numbers, for the last school attended. Most current Individualized Education Program (IEP) if applicable. Please note: your child’s placement for school may be delayed if you do not bring the above information with you.

  • Special Circumstances
    Please provide appropriate documents, if applicable, detailing legal guardianship situations, temporary living situations, name changes, and/or custody agreements.

If any of the above documents are unavailable the school district may consider other forms upon approval.


My child has special needs. Can they attend the UPK program?

Yes! If your child has special needs, and/or is receiving services based on the recommendation of the Committee on Preschool Special Education, he or she is still eligible to attend. Contact the Office of Special Programs at 237-0990 for more information.


Information about free and reduced price lunch:

All students in the program receive free breakfast and lunch under the district's Community Eligibility Program.